(Article updated on January 7th , 2019)

The New Zealand government has announced that EU and UK nationals will be exempted from visa requirements for short stays (up to max. 30 days).

Now travellers must first register on an official website before departure.


After being postponed several times, this rule was finally applied on January, 1st 2019.

The tourists concerned by this exemption are citizens of the European Union, the post-Brexit United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Monaco, Saint Martin and Andorra should join this list soon.

Travellers must now pre-register on a dedicated website (link at the end of this article) at least five days prior to their arrival date on the islands.


The measure applies only for stays of up to 30 days: for longer stays, obtaining a visa is mandatory and must be the subject of a request on the government website (see link below).


The following travellers are exempted from pre-registration:

1. Children under two years;
2. A holder of the New Zealand passport, his/her children under 18 years old and his/her spouse;
3. A traveller of New Zealand origin (as well as his/her children under 18 years old + spouse)
4. Foreigners legally established in New Zealand (resident status)
5. Special cases: official journeys, flights with technical or meteorological issues, passengers in transit

Registration is done through several pages where the passenger must provide his identification data, the dates of his stay, his contacts (phone and email) and the place of residence (hotel).

At the end of the registration form, the passenger must pay the TSA.


What is TSA? This is the Airport Safety Tax, officially it is to contribute to the financing of the services provided to the traveller, such as means of security, border controls etc.

Basically, New Zealand has done a little magic trick, replacing the visa with a new, more expensive, tax.

Travellers who do not benefit from the visa exemption have to pay twice: payment of the visa (25 EUR) + payment of the TSA (3400 ESC / 30.5 EUR).

Specifically, TSA applies to the international flight to New Zealand and must be paid by credit card on the pre-registration website. During the first few weeks of application of this new measure, exceptionally, the TSA can be settled upon arrival at the international airport.

TSA applies to all passengers, except those listed above (paragraph "CONCRETELY").

In addition, all passengers (without exception) must pay a reduced TSA (150 ESC / 1.1 EUR) on domestic flights.